Our Story

From one enthusiast to group of teammates

The first developments in creating an installation for producing ultrahigh pressures were started by a group of Russian engineers in 2005. In 2008, positive results were obtained and, most importantly, an allotropic form of carbon, diamond was obtained at low temperatures and ultrahigh pressure. The installation was called the Concentrator embodying the idea of ​​concentrating energy at one point.
Later, other experienced specialists joined the project who set themselves the goal of turning the laboratory prototype into a real industrial device for the synthesis of promising new materials.
The birth of the EMIBA project is considered November 7, 2017, at the moment when the first version of the project website appeared on the Internet.

  • Developed a laboratory type of equipment
  • Obtained ultrahigh pressure
  • Obtained a diamond at low temperatures
  • Created a team of like-minded people
  • Successful project financing
  • Developed preindustrial type of equipment

Today, the EMIBA team is stubbornly moving towards its goal: the IPO “EMIBA” of a leading company in the synthesis of new industrial materials with the properties necessary for customers. But in order to achieve the ultimate goal, it is necessary to go through the following stages of project development and the sooner the better. Additional financing will allow us to complete pre-production equipment development and start mass production of diamonds and other similar materials with extreme properties for their further sale.

Our philosophy and values

We make steps, so mankind could make giant leap


Humanity is united by the desire for continuous progress. It was this desire that helped a person to make the first fire, invent the first book, create radio, television and the Internet, take the first steps on the moon. We believe that in striving for progress, our possibilities become almost limitless.

Our philosophy is the constant development and progress of mankind, positive changes in the attitude of people towards each other and towards the environment, the solution of social, ethical and other problems of our society.


We work for everyone and for every industry

Environmental safety

We do not use technologies that are harmful to human health or the environment.


We strive for continuous development in technology, competencies, business

Our Leaders

Find out our team

Anna Voloshina
Chief Investor Relationship Officer

The way we live determines how we work. Openness to novelty and change allows us to see great opportunities where others cannot see anything.

Daniil Voloshin
Chief Executive Officer

When I had known out what ultra-high pressure technology can do, I realized two things. The first, this technology can change the world. The second, we need to start immediately.

Ivan Yurin
Senior Design Engineer

When you see a goal in front of you, there are no barriers. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people through the use of materials with new useful properties at affordable prices.

Aleksandr Vedernikov
Chief Administrator Officer

The project has tremendous prospects not only in scientific terms but also in terms of investment. This is truly the beginning of a new era in the development of supercomputers, perpetual motion machines, artificial intelligence and the person who stands behind everything.

Aleksey Ilin
Chief Network Administrator Officer

The next leap in human development is inextricably linked to information technology. Artificial intelligence along with production facilities will be able to change the life of each individual person for the better.

Konstantin Bromer, Ph. D
Сhief Technology Officer

The development of ultra-high pressure devices is a new challenge to my skills and abilities. The devices have to work stably in comparable space conditions and great depths, which is not a trivial task.

Arvit Benz
Chief Production Officer

The production of parts from complex and hard materials requires care, flexibility in the choice of technology and the highest skill in processing. Strict adherence to all technological processes will create all conditions for the development of the project.

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16, Avtozavodskaya street, Moscow, 127000, Russian Federation
+1 914-294-3159

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