Why Ultra High Pressure

Technologies based on ultrahigh pressures make it possible to influence the structure of substances and to obtain new previously unknown functional materials with excellent properties. Today it is one of the most promising and cost-effective method of synthesis of substances.

Unlimited application potential

These new materials are used to create complex technical devices and powerful equipment, which seemed impossible even ten years ago.

Super Computers and Quantum Calculations
New types of 3d printers and devices
High efficiency fly and auto engines
Advanced systems and smart homes
Bullet transport of new generation
Precision sensors and diagnostic equipment

How technology works

Just imagine under what fantastic conditions the process of creating new materials takes place!

To work with such pressures at this level requires special heavy-duty equipment and engineering solutions that can withstand gigantic loads. And the EMIBA team designed such equipment.

What Concentrator is

To achieve pressures which used to synthesis there is need to develop and design complex equipment. Moreover, EMIBA is working out series equipment suitable for producing.

Materials invented

The amount of substances opens synthesized at high pressures and in a metastable state at normal pressures

Commercially viable

The amount of commercially available high pressure synthesis materials

XXI century opportunities

Concentrator is an invention of the EMIBA team. The equipment includes a special chamber, which creates ultrahigh pressure inside and is used to create new materials. The device allows the industry to expand the pressure range to obtain the required quality of new substances. Metals known to mankind do not withstand such pressures, i.e. lie beyond the tensile strength of materials, but thanks to an engineering solution, the EMIBA project team can hold the high pressure necessary for the synthesis time. At the same time, the energy efficiency of the installation remains extremely high and does not require additional energy consumption to maintain pressure. The scope of the Concentrator is the synthesis of promising and commercially viable new types of substances, for example, superconductors at high temperatures. The scientific base for computer modeling of such substances and methods for predicting materials under high pressures was discovered by A. Oganov in 2004. More information at uspex-team.org

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